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The best of commercial architecture and the stars of the industry in one place Featuring Norman Foster, Coop Himmelb(l)au, I.M. Pei and many more.



Documentaries about the perfect balance between landscaping and high-end design: Featuring Ivan Hicks, Anthony Paul, Shunmyo Masuno and many more.

Interior Design


Get a glimpse into the most luxurious private homes and watch dream buildings come true: Featuring ODA New York, Andrew Maynard Architects, Dream Build and any more.


No matter which subscription plan you choose: A trial period of 14 days is always included - no credit card required.


Archiod Unlimited grant you access to all programs, high-quality images and additional background information to projects and architects. If you are a business owner in the EU you will have the chance to add you VAT-number for tax purposes in the next step.

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For students we offer a special discount. Please note that a valid confirmation of enrollment is required to purchase the student subscription. You can add the confirmation after the included 14-days free trial period or in the text step.

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About Archiod and its Program

What is Archiod?

Archiod is the first subscription based video-on-demand service dedicated to architecture, private homes and garden design.

What sort of videos can I watch on Archiod?

You can watch documentaries related to architecture, private homes and garden design.

Is there more than documentaries?

Yes! Archiod also provides related informations to the documentaries and related projects and persons as well as great images and drawings.

How many documentaries are available?

As we update our program at least every week the program keeps growing.

Can I take a look at Archiod before purchasing a subscription?

Yes! You can try Archiod for 14 days.

About your Archiod Account

How can I get a subscription?

Just go to our subscription page, choose your preferred subscription plan and create your Archiod account. Your login will be valid right away. However we ask you to confirm your eMail address by clicking at a link in an eMail we send you.

How much does it cost?

For the first 14 days it is completely free! After that we will charge the price depending on the choice of subscription you made. There is either the monthly subscription for € 18/month or the cheaper yearly subscription for € 180/year.

Is my data save with Archiod?

Of course! We take good care of every data you share with us. Have a look at our GTC for more information.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes! Depending on your choice of subscription you can cancel every month (monthly subscription plan) or every year (yearly subscription plan).

What happens with my account and data when I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your subscription your account will still be available for reactivation. If you however wish to get your account and data deleted completely, please login to your account, go to “User Settings” and choose “Delete Account”. Please be cautious: We can not restore your account if you do so as we will not keep any of your data.

If you still have unanswered questions please feel free to get in contact!

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